Monday, August 1, 2011

Sexy flag-men

Sweaty and ripe construction worker undies.

I have spent many years observing guys in their 20s (and younger) ogling my teenage daughters when we're out in public.  I've become accustomed to this and in fact, it doesn't trouble me at all.   I well understand the horniness of a young man with aching balls, the tingling in his nether regions as he looks at my stunningly beautiful daughters.

Since I came out as gay, this scenario has changed quite a bit.   What now happens is that I am ogling the 20-something hottie dude who is ogling my 17 year old daughter.  This seems so wrong, somehow!   

I was reminded of this yesterday when I drove my daughter a few hours up a remote highway to her job-related commitment.  There was much road construction and delay;  we were stopped by about ten flag-men.  Every one was a college boy (early 20s), each with a scruffy, unshaven face and slim body,  Sexy!!  Their frat-boy youthfulness nicely contrasted with their work-boots, Carhartt workers' jeans and hard hats.  Sadly, none of them was shirtless because of the ever-present hordes of black flies, mosquitoes, deer flies and horse flies.

After my "conquest" with the 28 year old Hottie Nurse, my gay sexual self-confidence has increased ten-fold.   I now go around thinking that I'm some irresistible sex magnet, God's gift to gay men. Delusional, I know!!  The reality is that I'm just another tubby, middle-aged gay guy.
All the construction boys we saw were way cuter than these guys.

As we slowly drove by the construction sites, every single one of the hottie flag men stared intently into our car.  My immediate thought was, "Gosh, I think he was checking me out!!!" 

After we passed by the third flag-man staring into our car, I suddenly had a reality check.... maybe, just maybe the those bored, horny young men were looking at my daughter.  She was sitting beside me, all flashing blonde hair, blue eyes, spaghetti-strapped top, voluptuous curves and cleavage.   It was a crushing realization!

This discovery was confirmed when I returned by myself in the car.  Of the ten or so flag men, nine of them showed not the slightest flicker of interest in me, not the slightest glance in my direction.  Only one of the hottie flag-men again stared into my car as I drove by.... hmmm.... maybe it wasn't too unreasonable to think that there was one gay guy in the group?


  1. There's a difference between "ogling" and an appreciative glance. Do you really want any guy staring lasciviously at your daughter? And do you really want to do the same to some guy? That's pretty much treating a guy or a gal, as if he or she were a slab of beef.

    I love male beauty! Hell, I have a site devoted to it. But there's a fine line between appreciation and objectification. Am I wrong?

  2. Why ask ourselves all those questions! "objectification" or "appreciation". Let's just have fun. Nobody gets hurt here! :)

  3. I would object to a much older man (30s or 40s) staring lasciviously at my daughters ... this has happened. But for a good-looking, age-appropriate young man to glance appreciatively at my daughters, well, that's only natural!!

    As,to me looking at other men as though they were "slabs of beef", well, bring them on! Perfectly harmless and fun, as DeepBlue said. It's not as I'm going up and fondling their genitals.

  4. Remember the one great rule of cruising: do it was somebody not as attractive as you!!!

  5. Dr. Spo: You are just a font of knowledge and wise advice! Thank you! I so wish my trip last month to southern Ontario was a month later.... it would be so great to meet you face-to-face.

  6. Okay, Okay! You've convinced me!

  7. Buddy . . . great story - reminded me of when, in June, Bill and I and his 25 year old, very attractive daughter went to Vancouver to see Wicked (again). We stayed in the west end in a chain hotel on Davie St (in the heart of Vancouver's gay "village"). We were there for the weekend and decided to explore the downtown area. When we were walking on Davie St, all the guys checked Bill & I out and ignored his daughter but as soon as we got out of the gay area, it was like a switch "flicked" and I noticed that all of a sudden all the guys on the street were checking out Bill's daughter and ignoring us. I leaned over to Bill and pointed this out, saying "we're not in Kansas anymore Dorothy". :)

  8. What a funny story! LOL Wonderful!!!

    When my beautiful oldest daughter was 14 but looked much older (think of a very young Elizabeth Taylor), I was constantly shocked at the number of early 20ish guys with their girlfriends who would be blatantly checking her out. I eventually got used to her receiving this attention but it was a bit jarring at first.


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