Friday, August 12, 2011

12 of 12

Congratulations to Cubby of Patently Queer who was my 23,000th visitor today!   This blog was started just over six months ago and has had 48,209 page views (not including mine) and 1156 comments (including many of mine as I comment on comments.)   I find it just unbelievable and gratifying that so many people are interested in my story and of course, all the pictures of hot men.  Thank you!

I know that among my readers are a great many gay / bi married, closeted fathers who are following this soap opera to see how it will turn out.   I wouldn't presume to offer anyone any advice, so I will stick to telling my story as honestly as I can, revealing as much personal detail as I am comfortable with.

Overall, my journey so far has gone far more smoothly than I ever thought possible.  One of the main reasons is that my wife, despite having had her life torn apart and despite many challenges in her life, has been remarkably supportive of me in  her own way.  She fully understands that any attempt to destroy me, socially, financially or however else,  would impact negatively on the kids and all our futures.

Another reason my journey is so smooth is among my circle of friends and family, my coming-out as gay has been a non-event. I've enjoyed the strongest possible support from everyone who knows;  my entire family, my wife's entire family, my wife's friends, my children, my mother-in-law and the few friends I've told.  I am certain that Canada's leadership in granting full protections and rights to LGBT folks has lead to this social acceptance.  

I will go out on a limb to say that I think being gay in Canada has become (or is becoming) the "new normal." 

Blogger Chad Darnell has a project where people from all over the world take 12 pictures on the 12th of each month and post them on their blogs.  Check out everyone's pictures this month:  Chad's 12 of 12  link list.

I zoomed through town snapping pictures on this beautiful day, Friday August 12th.   The hottie summer men were everywhere!   I just wish I was brave enough to take more pictures of them to share with you!

#1:   A beautiful park in the centre of town near my workplace.    I try to have lunch here when I can.

#2:   My shirt is just poofed out;  my gut really isn't that big!  The ice cream cone isn't helping, of course.

#3:  A flip-flopped, cargo-shorted hottie heading into the liquor store.

#4:  Our town's "subway" is just a concrete tunnel running under some railway tracks.

#5:  The subway reeks of urine and is covered with lots of unimaginative graffiti.

#6:  An inner-city park.... the only people who come here are the residents of the nearby homeless shelter.

#7:   Weekend pierogi sales at the Legion Hall, made by old Polish ladies wearing babushkas.    Pierogis are potato / cheddar cheese dumplings, boiled or fried and served with sour cream and fried bacon, onions and mushrooms.  Carb heaven!  A weekly treat for me!

#8:  This small river cuts right through the centre of town.  It's looking a little murky because of recent rains, but it supports a healthy population of rainbow trout who spawn far upstream.

#9:  A successful inner-city community garden, built on a vacant lot.

#10:   Perve Alert!   A ginger-haired hottie, shot from my car window.

#11:  I had to include this Canadian flag!

#12:   A Ukranian Orthodic church in the older part of town.


  1. Photo #2 -- I know that you are trying to distract me with the ice cream cone, but it isn't working. You've got great legs. ;-)

    Will J

  2. Legs, I was too distracted by the crotch shot and thinking how fun
    it would be to lick the cone off certain parts covered by his shorts......

  3. Great shots of your town. It sounds like a place of real character. I was in Ontario a week ago visiting relatives and agree that Canada is gay friendly. All my relatives were accepting of me and my parter, even though this is the first time in 30 years I was not bringing my wife along. Plus in New Liskeard we saw a black and white gay couple walking hand in hand down a main street!

  4. Thanks Will and Anonymous! You know that I'm completely shameless ... I will always take any opportunity to show off my body in these photo sets.

    When I reviewed the dozen or so shots that I had taken, a couple of them turned out to be NSFW. The photo session had accidentally turned into a peep show.

    Paul: That is great to hear! For those who don't know, New Liskeard is a very small, blue-collar town in northern Ontario. It is hardly the sort of place one would think of a hotbed of gay acceptance, but apparently, it is!

  5. Great photos - my friend Sasaktune always makes us peieogi's for Christmas or when we get together for drinks. The town looks awesome - love all the greenery.

  6. anne marie in phillyAugust 13, 2011 at 1:23 AM

    pix #2 - I wish something else would just "poof out"!

    pix #5 - we have that same problem here in our subway tunnels! we call it "philly stink", recognizable anywhere!

    pix #8 - rainbow trout...yummy yum!

    thanks, sweetie for sharing your day. you can send me the NSFW pix (for science, of course!).

  7. #2 - I THOUGHT that it put me in mind of a few videos I'd seen. Did you call out passing guys to pop their head through the window and have a lick?

  8. Very nice pics, Buddy. I especially like the pond.

    About the sexy shot of you holding the ice cream cone... Beyond the hotness of that, I see your car keys have some kind of long strap attached to them, dangling down by your feet. What's up with that?

    Oh, and the peep show shots you were talking about... you know my email address ;-)

  9. Thanks, Cubby... it was my favourite pic too! The duck was hoping for a handout but I didn't have anything for him. He looks very handsome in the picture!

    The strap is just a lanyard used to hang keys around your neck. We all use them in my workplace as we unlock doors dozens of times a day. If we laid our keys down somewhere, they would probably get stolen. I do like this lanyard as it has maple leaves on it.

    It was a very slight "peep" ... more funny than titillating.


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