Sunday, December 14, 2014

Wrestler Spandex Bulges

Just a quick Sunday morning post:  I have much to do!   In fact, I'm keeping my phone switched off so I don't get any offers I can't refuse from my sweet, sexy men.

This week, two of my kids will be coming home from school and my house looks like a disaster area both in terms of housekeeping and with regard to  my renovations which are going nowhere at all.

Although my kids know that I hook up with men, I do want to ensure that haven't left any sex supplies scattered about the place: condoms, lube, anal vibrators and the like.

As well, I want to bring a slight touch of Christmas inside by setting up tree which we'll decoratelater with cookies (some store-boughten some home-made*), candies and childhood Christmas ornaments.

*I have the ingredients to make chocolate cherry cookies using a recipe from my buddy, J|effrey, The Gay Groom.

I've had two really late nights in a row, helping out with a big music event at my school followed by a hookup with Jim, the 39 year old Aboriginal dude with erectile difficulties.

Jim texted me earlier this week just to chat.  After much small talk, he asked:
"Would you consider coming to _________ (his northern First Nation community)  to visit me?"

My immediate thought was: "Yikes!!!!  Does he want to introduce me to his mother????  His entire extended family live in his very small, isolated community some four hours drive away.   The whole place would be a-buzz with my arrival, I'm sure.

I immediately thought of the excellent advice given me by Pulsebeat as a comment:

 "You need to let him.know.   My best bud and I are still so close because I was honest with him. We had a very heartful conversation; we were honest. I was not looking for a relationship, he was. Now we are still very close, like brothers. We share very intimate details of our encounters.   I just think its better for everyone.

I explained (via texting), very carefully, that I had just emerged from a 18 year old marriage and a stressful coming-out / divorce and I was NOT interested in getting serious with anyone.

He backtracked immediately and said that he didn't mean that!  He was just looking for a 'friends with benefits' arrangement. 

I didn't believe him completely but accepted his words at face value;  I said I'd consider visiting him but not soon. ..... maybe in the spring when the weather is warmer.   

Then, on Friday night, Jim texted again, asking if I'd like to spend Friday evening with him in his hotel room.  He was in town again for yet another meeting. Since I was volunteering at my school, I told him that I wasn't available.  He responded:  "Please come after it's done;  I don't care how late it is!"

So, I turned down an invitation from my colleagues to go out for beer and nachos and instead, showed up at Jim's hotel room at 10:30 pm and left at 1:30 am, too tired for words.   As well as being sweet and intelligent, Jim is a passionate, attentive and responsive lover but most definitely Hungry Bottom.  Who knew!

Jim is a very large dude.  He had bariatric surgery four months ago and has so far has has lost 100 pounds with a 100 more to go.   His is not the sort of body type which I would normally find attractive but I had no trouble maintaining my erection with him mainly due to his passion and responsiveness.

But sadly, his erectile difficulties persisted this time, off and on, but in the end, we both had very satisfactory endings. 



  1. it will be nice having the kids home again.

    1. Yes, for sure! It will be fantastic! One kid goes to school 1,000 miles away and the other is 2,000 miles. Way too far for a casual weekend visit!

      But they are young adults with many friends to socialize with and they will be spending some time with my ex-wife,so I won't be seeing them ALL the time.

      But I'll see enough of them and my son will be living with me when he's here but (I'm sure) will be spending most of his time with his girlfriend.

  2. I thought the Gay Groom did not like to cook??

    1. Jeffrey has always said that he doesn't cook but on this video commentary at about 5:50, he said that he DOES make those Christmas cookies. :-)

  3. I wrestled a guy in a hotel room in Paris. But saving that story for the memoirs. Let me know how the cookies turn out! :)

    1. I am doubly jealous! I've never been to Paris, or to most places in Europe for that matter. But I'd LOVE to wrestle a hot guy in a wrestling singlet as foreplay.

      A commenter on my blog (I think it was Just a Jeep Guy Sean) once suggested that I had a spandex fetish and I'm starting to think that he's right!

      I am starting to think that I should buy some wrestling singlets in various sizes and get some of my willing gentlemen callers to model them for me.

  4. Coolness on the kids in town! At least if son is out and about, you might get to host!

    I think I might bake some since I'll be in town for Christmas this year.

    Sounds like fun times again! Too bad he couldn't get an erection. I'll bet continuing to lost the weight will help. And letting him down easy is the way to go.

    Peace <3

    1. Oh, and I do like that Mountaineer wrestler! WV can build 'em big!

  5. Wow! I am honored that you quoted me in your blog.

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