Monday, December 8, 2014

Man ass

The title of this post is taken from a Tumblr site, Man Ass, where today's pics came from.  I've been topping a great deal lately and as a result, I am becoming more and more obsessed with guys' asses.

I just love that rear view of a hot ass with thighs spread and cock and balls In proud display, especially in real life.

Here's a quick and very random early Monday morning post:

A:   Right now, I am cuddled bed with my two dogs tucked in close on either side, drinking a mug of Earl.Grey tea (brewed at bedside), listening to a howling wind and a pounding surf outside; another winter storm.

B:   In my last post, I talked about my hookup with Jim who was having problems with his erection.   Jay commented: "You probably helped him more than you can know."

Will also said:  "Men want sex but they also want to know that they can be fully functional and present in the encounter. You gave him that and he won't soon forget."

I didn't tell the full story: when it was clear that his erection wasn't happening, Jim was distraught: "OH NO!  IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN!" which he repeated several times.   He kept pulling my hand away from his cock;  he was so embarrassed and humiliated.

Finally I said: "Dude!  I don't care if your cock is hard!  We're having a fantastic time!  You can still get pleasure from a soft cock,"  and he allowed me to take his boxers off and eventually, I did get him hard.

Jim returned to his home town some 500 km away but he's been texting me regularly about his day-to-day activities such as his excitement about an upcoming potluck dinner.  He'so sweet!

He also said that he is actively looking for a job in my town.  Jim hates the nepotism and chaos of his management job which (he says) is typical of Canadian First Nations governments.

But he seems to want more from me.  First, he hinted at being invited over for dinner.  Then he told me he would be in town in two weeks: "Maybe we could spend the weekend together at your house?"

I replied, truthfully:  "Errr..... two of my kids will be back home for Christmas" and he abandoned the idea for now.  But I am a little concerned that he is imaging an "us" in his future.  I wasn't THAT attracted to him but don't want to see him getting hurt again.
C:  The 27 year old Supermodel look-a-like and I had another sweet encounter on Friday night.   He is an insatiable Hungry Bottom and champion cuddler.   As I drive him home, he said: "I know you're not ready to get serious with anyone, but when you are, please keep me in mind."

Yikes!  I would NEVER into a relationship with him;  I didn't mention before, he had a deeply troubled upbringing complete with substance abuse issues and jail time.  Apart from that, he's 25 years younger and way too "femme" for my taste.

He wanted to come over again on Sunday but I said "no."   Three times in one week would be too much, I think!

D:  On Sunday afternoon while shopping in town, I received text from the guy at the top of my "A list",  the Hunky Construction Worker.   Jamie is now 39:   sexy as Hell, lightly muscled, lean, playful, horny as hell with a beautiful thick cock and sadly, a live-in girlfriend.

In the past year, he's always refused to kiss (he was "too straight") but this time, he grabbed my face and kissed expertly the whole time I was there.  Such a surprise!

It was my hottest encounter in a long time!   But he wanted me to top him for his first time and I had to say "no."   No condoms or lube, it would have happened on his uncomfortable couch but mainly, I was afraid his girlfriend would come bursting in on us just as he impaled himself on my cock.  lol

I told him: "I'll fuck you as much as you want but it's only happening in my bed."
I suspect that I like Hunky Construction Dude or the Sweet Brazilian Boys so much is because they are NOT pushing for a relationship with me.


  1. Hey Bubby,
    My thought about these guys who you think want more from you...
    You need to let them.know. my best bud and I are still so close because I was honest with him. We had a very heartful conversation; we were honest. I was not looking for a relationship, he was. Now we are still very close, like brothers. We share very intimate details of our encounters.
    I just think its better for everyone.
    Btw - still very much enjoy your :-)

    1. Thanks for the excellent suggestion, Don. You clearly know what you're talking about!

      I was forced into this conversation with Jim tonight when he invited me to his home some weekend, 300 km away! Details in my next post.

  2. I have to admit that it's been so long for me, and so much self-pleasuring, that I have to wonder how I would respond to another's touch. We shall see, maybe.

    I will also admit that if I were on the hook-up sites, I would be looking for something more. But I'd be upfront about it. No "let's hook up, and now I want a relationship!".

    Anyway, sounds like winter is fully ensconced up there. It's iffy here, warm one day, cold and rainy the next. Stay warm!!!

    Peace <3

  3. If you did get together with a man, I suggest you just "go with the flow", experience the moment. .. etc. Any of those cliches.

    Don't over think it or worry about your possible responses in advance.

    I could not imagine ever meeting Mr. Right on any of the obvious hookup sites like They are for sex only.

    I hear that some have had relationship success on some of the matchmaking sites, however.

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