Friday, June 19, 2015

Pride Overload .... so far

Now for some complete randomness: 

1.   The photo at right is to support Kelly Stern's annual Pride Challenge and is of his dear little doggie Pino who passed away this year.  So sad.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Kelly at our Washington DC Blogger Meet-up two years ago.  He's even more charming and handsome in person, with a southern accident which would make any gay guy cum in his pants.  

2.  It's been very chilly here with overnight lows in the 40 F (7 C) range.... not very summer-like at all.  I'm still wearing fleece bed socks and a wooly hat to bed!   But I'm sure that I wouldn't be able to survive the scorching Arizona temperatures which Dr. Spo recently posted about.

3.  Middle daughter is home from university and has mainly living with me;  it's been fabulous having her here as we're the most alike of any of our family.   I've missed her terribly! But having her here is putting a temporary dent in my hooking-up life which has dwindled to nothing in recent weeks.

I've turned down the occasional offer from some horny young dude but my daughter and I have mainly spent our evenings hanging out and I don't want to miss any opportunity to spend time with her.

4.   Eldest daughter has now graduated from chef's school and has secured coveted full-time apprenticeship in an upscale bakery / eatery in town.  Best of all, she has a regular day shift,  much easier for her than the late, late nights at her previous restaurant job.  

Now that she's not doing the double whammy of full-time school and full-time work, I hope (and expect) to see more of her.

 5.  As a member of the organizing committee I've been heavily involved with our local Pride festivities this week.  I've attended and / or volunteered at most of our fabulous Pride events..... one every day this week!  Exhausting and exhilarating!  Every event has exceeded the previous year's attendance and we've seen everyone of importance in attendance:  our federal, provincial and city politicians, school board officials and various church leaders as well.

6.  I was the new organizer of one of our major Pride events this year (which I won't name).  I switched to a beautiful new venue and hugely improved the programme. 

As a result, this year's attendance jumped to about 150 including some of my own children;  a huge improvement on last year's flop which attracted only 30 people.   I was so thrilled that everything worked out so well!

7.   In one week, I will be at Toronto Pride for a five day trip.  I'm looking forward to it enormously!   Attending Toronto World Pride by myself last year (which I posted about here) was tremendous fun, life-changing, even.  I was a Lone Wolf!

My Toronto Pride experience will be very different this year and I hope, even better. You see, I will be attending with a Special Friend who I haven't posted about (and won't), other than to say that he's age-appropriate for me (46), single, handsome, and is most definitely boyfriend or LTR material.  


  1. OMB, buddybear, so much happiness for you! your kids, a boyfriend, your pride organizing...congrats!

    I want the dude in the rainbow trunks with the rainbow flag; he looks happy to see me! so does the other dude in the rainbow trunks carrying a super soaker.

    please tell us how pride toronto goes!

    1. Thank you, anne marie! But I must say that my Special Friend is definitely not yet a boyfriend..... just potentially so. There are complications!

      But as we've discussed before, I never blog about guys who I truly care about or who MIGHT become a boyfriend or future husband. The intimate details of a developing relationship are best not shared with the online world and anyway, my future husband will one day be reading this blog and I don't want him to be in it!

  2. We will skip pride this year so have fun! Glad all going well with your daughters! Hugs

    1. Thank you, Rick! So I won't see you in Toronto this visit? Darn!

  3. What a great post! I'm so glad to hear everything is going so well on all fronts! The Pride events sound great, I wish we did more here, but the organizers seem content with a partial day event. Maybe as attitudes change in the region...

    Congrats to your daughter, I am sure she is thrilled, and I know you are proud of her.

    Enjoy Toronto, it's a city I would like to get to one day.

    Peace <3

    1. I'm enormously proud of our local Pride organization. We have eight or so Pride events spread over Pride week, some of them very large with the picnic in the park attracting a few thousand attendees.

      Our goal now is to extend Pride season and held scattered queer events throughout the year; this is now well underway.

      I love visiting Toronto but you should also a consider a gay trip to Montreal. The gay scene there is the BEST!

  4. good news and splendid photos!

    1. Thank you Dr. Spo! It's good to hear from you!

      The pics are mainly from World Pride Toronto 2014 and not taken by me! My local small town Pride parade was fabulous, attracting several hundred participants but there was no nudity; it's a family event and besides, the weather's too chilly here.

  5. I put a comment on yesterday but it's disappeared somehow. I just wanted to say how much I like that this post is just bursting with positive energy and happiness. And have a great gay old time in Toronto!

  6. "May the fierce be with you", tho!!!
    Awesome line. <3

  7. I miss your blog. Are you ending it?

  8. Hi Buddy Bear
    We all hope you are doing fine!? No time for blogging?
    Hope to hear from you soon. We all miss your blog.

  9. Hi,
    I miss your posts. I hope all is well with you and you are just enjoying summer and hot guys .

  10. Thanks for your concern! I am well, just EXTREMELY busy and I've just about forgotten about blogs, both writing mine and reading others. I'll try to do a post soon!

  11. Are you dead? or still with us?

  12. So sad we don't hear from you. Hope you are doing fine. We miss you!!

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