Friday, June 5, 2015

My foursome with three 70-ish lesbians

Well .... it was sort of a foursome and no, I'm not going back to va-jay-jay.

A local government social service agency has provided an occasional coordinator and a small amount of funding to establish a social group for older LGBTQ folks.   This demographic is at high risk of being social isolation and loneliness and typically lacks the usual family supports such as spouses or children.

As an older member of our Pride organizing committee, I've been invited to attend these 50+ LGBTQ gatherings and have started to help out with them as well.

So..... last weekend, I participated in a scavenger hunt / car rally where teams drove around town in pursuit of 20 or so challenges such as:   "Take a selfie of yourself and a trucker with the Rice Lake Truck Stop sign in the background."  I took that one for the team.   Woo-hoo!

There were about 15 participants, mainly aged 60 -80, and I ended up on a team with three 70ish lesbian ladies!  I so wanted to be with some of the elderly gay men, several of whom were quite attractive, like the men pictured in this post.  In fact, one retired teacher, who I'll call the Silver Fox, was extremely handsome:   slim, piercing, brilliant blue eyes.... and interested in me.  So hot!  But the teams had been previously organized.  Darn!

But the lesbian ladies were all very nice. Two of them were a couple and they seemed to be typical overly-fussy, grandmotherly types; I'd never have guessed in a million years that they were lesbian.   They were both terrible drivers which made for a harrowing back seat experience.

My partner in the back seat was an aboriginal woman who was a residential school survivor,  an elder in her First Nations community, artist, recovered substance abuser and now a fierce LGBGTQ advocate. 

She was extremely impressive;  very serene, wise and courageous in overcoming her life's challenges and pushing ahead with her LGBTQ projects.  Inspirational! .... and I'm so glad to now count her among my friends.

It was enormous fun but many times during the day, I thought: "Where are all the hot young guys?..... oh, wait ..... this is an elder queer group!!!"  It would have been so much more fun being in car with men who I was sexually attracted to.

The last clue took us to a rural house where we socialized and had a barbecue.  It was quite pleasant getting to know everyone but I couldn't help shake a pervasive feeling of sadness for most of the participants.

Except for the lesbian couple, most were single and everyone was older, childless, queer and with various emerging age-related ailments.  Most seemed to have little to no family support.  For them, getting old, alone and queer, must be a bleak and scary prospect.

 Although I am somewhat younger than everyone else, I plan to continue with the group's outings which happen every month or so. I enjoyed their company and we all would benefit from developing a wider circle of friends.

And I hope I can ease their social isolation a tiny bit by helping to keep the group going.


  1. I'm going to bet that with your wonderfully active mind you're going to have a lot of ideas for field trips with your new senior gay friends. And I shouldn't be surprised if we were to hear more about the Silver Fox in this blog either. :-)

  2. I admit that growing old alone without any family scares the hell out of me. Activities and groups like you described seem like a nice break from the doom and gloom. Meeting strong personalities who are happy and independent also gives one courage to be happy with how things are.

    Also talk to the 'silver fox' ;)

    1. Yes, for sure. I am working hard to establish connections with a wide range of LGBTQ folks in town; gays, lesbians and transgender people of all ages.

      But I'm working even harder to maintain and improve connections within my own family, in particular with my children.

  3. DAMN, these dudes be F-I-N-E! I'd tap all of them!

  4. My lover whom you met was involved in this type of work for a while in Toronto. Also my lover met and knows the guy in the first pic with grey hair holding the camera. He was involved with body electric and now making porn. I've wanted to meet him, Alan is his name. Good for you doing this. Hugs

    1. Thanks Rick, for the info. Porn Star Alan is indeed gorgeous! A fine specimen of a man!

  5. Sounds like a good time! I've discovered there is a group in town called "Prime Timers" - all 40ish and up gay men. I will be checking them out soon, so I might have a chance at avoiding getting much older without anyone around. And in any case, you are right. You can't have too many friends!

    Peace <3

    1. Prime Timers sounds like an ideal group for you. Good luck!

  6. Great job, man. Love your photography. I'm now following you, man. You're on my "Blogs I'm following" list. :)

  7. I like this entry in your blog about older men. Too often forgotten in the world in general and in the gay world. You have a nice blog by the way.

  8. Wow and I mean wow. I am very turned on. Shame is I'm in the UK and probably not old enough for you.

  9. What's name daddy in the last picture?


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