Sunday, March 29, 2015

Inexperienced trailer park hottie

 Today's pics are from Flip Flops Boy and all resemble my new friend, Trailer Park Hottie.

I live in a rural area, so a hookup invariably involves a 30 minute drive to town or for a gentleman caller to drive here.  Too often, men say that I live too far away for  hookup.

In the case of a car-less young hunk (usually a student), I often drive into town to pick him up, bring him to my house and then reverse the process at the end of our sexytime, 120 km (70 miles) in all.  And I must add, all this driving is well worth the rewards received.

So imagine my excitement when I was Grindr - messaged last summer by a 28 year old hottie, 5'8", 150 pounds who lived only 4 km away!

Although I never received his face pic, other of his pictures revealed a toned, lightly furry and tattoo-free torso, a hint of abs, a magnificent, above-average cock and and a full bush of rampant pubic hair.  A rarity, these days!

Over the next nine months, Trailer Park Hottie "played footsie" with me, usually messaging me around midnight a few times per month.  He was usually bored and horny and often asked me questions:  "What do you do with a guy in bed?  But after a few minutes of chat, he would log off Grindr and often not log on again for a week or more. 

Over many months, he also sent me many pics of various of his body parts:  cock (hard and soft), balls, ass and thighs.  So hot!   But I gradually came to the conclusion that he was either a tease or was extremely inexperienced and lacked the courage for a face-to-face meeting.

To use a fisherman's analogy, it took me many months to "reel him in."  When  I finally meet a young man in person, I always ask: "Why did you pick me out of all those dozens of profiles?"

They always same the same thing:
(1)  They liked my face picture, usually describing it as "handsome" and sometimes "kind."
(2)  I took the time to get to know them online and to talk honestly about myself in a non-sexual way.
(3)  I never initiate the conversation about sex, ever.  Inexperienced young men hate it when an older guy starts the conversation with a crude proposition.  ("I want to pound your virgin ass!" or "I want to suck your cock!")  

Finally, last Friday night (at 1:00 am!) I received the message: 

Trailer Park Hottie:   "Can you come over now?  We can sit on my couch, watch porn and jerk off together.  But I don't want you touching me."

Buddy Bear:  "Dude!  It's too late and I'm too tired!  Message me on Grindr any time tomorrow and I'm all yours"

All day Saturday, I monitored his Grindr profile and watched as he logged on and off all day long, building up his courage.  Finally at 5:00 pm, he messaged me:  "Can you come over?  But it has to be right now.  I don't have a lot of time. "

Trailer Park Hottie was absolutely adorable, a cutie who greeted me at the door shirtless (a lean, lightly furry torso!) with dishevelled hair, bare feet and track pants revealing a promising bulge.  He had a sweet smile but otherwise was too nervous to speak and was trembling visibly.

On the couch, I took off my jeans to reveal my rock-hard cock stretching out my Andrew Christians.  He was so hot!  He unzipped and started to play with his cock which quickly grew to +7 inches and quite thick.  A thing of beauty, especially on a smaller guy!

Although Trailer Park Hottie told me in advance that I would not be allowed to touch him, I put some lube on my hand and asked, "May I?"  He nodded and I applied lube to his beautiful cock. He stretched back, closed his eyes and moaned and trembled as I used the cock massage techniques taught to me by Rick of Torn Jeans.   So incredibly hot! 

At one point, I whispered in his ear: "Do you want to touch my cock?"   He nodded, so I applied lube and he gave a firm-gripped handjob which made me squirm.

Much later, I whispered again in his ear: "Hey baby, I you to cum my mouth.  Can you do that for me?"  He nodded again and after very little effort, I had a blast of his sweet, salty cum in my mouth. So hot!   I kept his cock in his mouth for a few minutes after he came, feeling it throb sporadically and gently massaging it with my tongue as I caressed his belly, balls and inner thighs with my hands.

To avoid any after-hookup awkwardness, I pulled on my pants and prepared to leave.  Trailer Park Hottie hugged me (at my request) and said:  "Next time, I'd like to try some of that on you."   Next time? Woo-hoo!


  1. From no touching to keeping his cock in your mouth! Damn! You are amazing! I guess the massage trick won him over! Hummm! Congrats!

    1. I owe all my cock massage tricks to you, Rick!

      When I meet someone new, especially an inexperienced young man, I try very hard to not come across as some aggressive, old perv. I proceed slowly and always look to his responses for cues to move onto the next step.

      Having said all that, there's usually not much of a challenge in getting to play with the cock of a horny young man, crazed with lust. At least, not in my experience. lol

  2. I'm chuckling because, you are quite the accomplished fisherman. thanks for sharing and enjoying yourself. you're making the world a better place one sexual experience at a time. Cheers!

    1. I alwa

      Thank you! But as every fisherman knows, there is always the regret about the "one that got away," which in my case is at least 80% of the young men who message me.

      But I try very hard to make each experience as pleasurable and memorable for the man I'm with and that he will, one day in the future, "carry it forward" when dealing with some other inexperienced, younger man.

  3. Reading about your sexual adventures...My eyes are glued to your comments..Catch you later.....

  4. lets hear another! thats hot! hope you get to fuck him one day ;)

  5. Woo hoo! Gotta love the Trailer Park!

    XO FFB


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