Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Male G-Spot

A busy week!  Numerous evening events meant that I haven't gotten to bed earlier than 2:00 a.m. for the past several nights.   I've been too tired / too busy to read many blogs let alone write a post myself.

My life still seem to be "all gay, all the time" and there are many untold stories which are falling by the wayside.  The thought of writing a  detailed post which will do the stories justice seems daunting.  I should go back to posting more frequently (ie:  every second day) but have much smaller posts. 

In my last post,  "You fuck like a porn star!", I was extremely delighted with that compliment but I've received much positive feedback from many bottoms in recent months.   They generally seem extremely happy with how my cock makes them feel.

I am becoming extremely confident as a top but since I've never experienced pleasure as a bottom, I still need to learn many techniques which would maximize a bottom's pleasure.

A couple of bottoms have told me that it drives them wild when my cock head pounds against their prostate, so I've try to hit this "G-Spot" every time.  But, I'm ashamed to admit, I am somewhat ignorant of male anatomy as to how to hit the prostate with my cock.

With the bottom on his back in the missionary position, I try to angle my cock "upwards" when I"m thrusting in his ass, with the goal of hitting his prostate which is located (I think) under the base of his cock. Does that sound reasonable?

Compared with sticking your cock into a self-lubricating vagina, anal sex seems so much more complicated.

Especially for a bottom virgin, a great deal of trust is needed, I think.  Before starting, I try to get the bottom as aroused, relaxed and "juicy" as possible.  To do this, I really enjoy eating his ass before proceeding but I this alone will  not open up his asshole much.

Unless he's a very experienced bottom, I open him up more with a well-lubed finger but I much prefer using a vibrating anal trainer which drives the boys wild!

And I follow all the usual advice;   use lots of lube, and proceed slowly, slowly, slowly.  In fact, it's often best to let the bottom control the pace by having him to ride your cock with the first penetration. He can lower himself onto your cock as slowly and as much as he wants.

But as to the thrusting itself, what works best?   Should I "stir" or rotate my cock while it's in his ass?  Thrust up?, down? sideways?  Pound or not pound?  Or both?

And as to the position, during my typical topping session, I use many of them:   missionary, doggie-style, on our sides, the bottom riding my cock (either facing you or facing away) and one where the bottom does a semi-shoulder stand, his ass pointing straight up in the air.  Any favourites?

And when your cock is in a guy's asshole, is it common for the bottom's cock to go soft?  This isn't a problem, but in my experience, it seems to happen to at least half of my men.  Is that typical?

Hey, all you experienced tops out there!    
Do you have any favourite tips, tricks and positions?  Do you have any experienced topping stories you wish to share?  I'd love to hear about them all!


  1. alas, I cannot provide advice on this subject. :-(

    but the GIFs are HAWT! :-)

    1. lol Your funny! Thanks for commenting, sweetie!

  2. Here is where the prostate is located:

    I find it hard to hit with the penis. Fingers, inserted and curled upward work well, thus the prostate check by the doctor. I know when I've hit it, the guy thrusts upwards and shortly thereafter cums! But seldom by dick, usually manually.

    I have read there the nerve endings around the anus are of the same type and number as those in the head of the penis, that seems to be the case, based on my experience of anal stimulation, and yes, MORE lube is better, and DON'T use petroleum jelly - the poor bottom won't shit right for a couple of days at least.

    So I have to think that most bottoms get off on the anal stimulation rather than prostate stimulation, but as long as they are moaning and groaning and spewing, it's all good! My goal as a top is to get the other guy off while I'm in him.

    Peace <3

    1. Excellent advice, Jay! Thanks for sharing your knowledge of men's bottoms.

  3. Great post. I can't wait to hear the comments! (anothercheater....your view please?)

    1. Ha! Thanks for the shout out and I wish I could say that I'm really skilled but I honestly think I just let chemistry and confidence lead the way. The moments that feel awkward or wrong or just outright un-sexy are the ones where we're not quite as into each other or where one of us is just so wrapped up in what we're doing and not who we're doing it with. It's like a nice conversation with the body, a general topic but unscripted and great listeners that can pivot the questions to elicit profound answers from each other.

      But a few thoughts/tips from both my experience as a bottom and a top:
      With a bottom riding a top that's on his back, the bottom rocking back and forth in a horizontal motion tends to favor hitting the prostate, I think. While going vertical up and down tends to maximize the feeling for the top but can cause some discomfort. But it depends on size and whether you're hitting that "second ring"

      That giving yourself to a top feeling that Will mentions below is a big thing and transcends the physical. So I like to play with that a bit, either by grabbing someone from behind in a tight embrace (my front to his back) and using my arms and hands to maximize body contact or by using my body as leverage to hold a guy down deeper into the bed and pillows... or if he's on his back then one leg over my one shoulder while I lean in for a kiss almost chest to chest and let my other hand explore his body. The point is to give a sense that you're enveloping a person totally, inside and out, but also honoring what they're giving up to you by sensual touch.

      Everyone's body is so different, I sometimes just go exploring. You got guys with bubble butts and not, and then different levels of tightness, and even different depths and pitches where I can't find the right "trick" that works all the time. Varying tempo and depth helps in the conversation until you figure it out. I don't usually rotate in a circular motion, but I find that a rotation up and down and along the crack can be interesting.

      And can I just say, as a bottom, with a guy you're really into, it's sometimes really hot and empowering to see a guy getting lost in the moment and knowing that your body is making him lose restraint and control?

      And no, how hard a bottom is isn't a great indicator of how much he is enjoying himself. But man, it's such an ego boost though.

    2. I LOVED everything you had to say. Thanks so much! I'm starting to feel the same way about pleasuring a guy through being his top.

  4. For most of my life I was a pure top and enjoyed it enormously. Somewhere along the line I realized that guys were coming from my fucking them, either missionary or doggy style; they really enjoyed it and I was happy that I could do it for them. Hard pounding works well, so does thrusting in deep and "grinding" for which I got a lot of appreciative response. I also developed a vibration thing, rapidly jiggling my pelvis back and forth once I'd found his sweet spot that seemed to do very good things.

    I'd always wanted to get fucked but it had never worked--I was too tight, which bred fear and failure every time. But one day a very skilled friend and I were having sex and I told him I wanted to bottom. He got me relaxed and slid in with no problem--it was a revelation, a huge rush having a man inside me and handing control over to him--and it felt incredible. I recommend your giving it a try with one of your men you really trust and are turned on by. A lot of guys say they're better tops because they experienced bottoming, and I'm one of them.

    1. Thanks, Will. My goal is to become a skilled bottom, sooner rather than later! I value your comments and advice more than you could ever know.

    2. When I hear of an earthquake up in northern BC, then I know you have bottomed! LOL

  5. When I was younger and getting fucked, I was never hard and I do not see men's cock hard that often. So yes, it's normal. Usually it's best to hit the prostate as doggie style fucking, so you can lower his ass after you enter. Then when you sort of fuck down ward, you are hitting his prostate. On the back, it is a little difficult.

    1. Thanks, Rick. It makes perfect sense now that you've explained it. Cool!

  6. Replies
    1. Indeed! And it's one that most straight guys (I think) never get to experience!

  7. #1 is so beautiful-love the cock tight up his asshole pulling the skin in and out with a light kiss as he fucks him ;) and the last beautiful pounding of a hot body realeasing his love juice for us-wish my mouth was wrapped around that beautiful cock as he lost it ;0.....i'd love to clean the ass juice off 1 and last cocks after their fuck ;0....

  8. Please post more often, I learn so much reading your stories

  9. i've gotten soft a couple times as a bottom, but almost 95% of the time i cum when my boyfriend's dick is inside me. so i do tend to stay hard most of the time. the times i've gone soft is when it was way too painful so i concentrate too much on the pain.

  10. I can relate to your question ? Being a bottom my penis goes soft too....I think the reason for my cock going limp is because It the weight ... If the is less weight and all. My prostate likes the treatment.....Plus I can ejaculate too....

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