Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Buddy Bear in Andrew Christian undies

 My sweet, ex-mother-in-law treated me like a prince throughout my twenty year marriage, in retrospect, far better than my wife ever did.  Three years ago, when my wife told her the dramatic news that I was gay, my mother-in-law replied:  

"I hold _ _ _ _ _ in the highest regard and nothing you tell me will ever change my mind about him."

To her credit and despite her bitterness and hatred of me, my wife told me what her mother had said, and I wept at my mother-in-law's words.  She has remained my biggest supporter which is all the more remarkable coming from an elderly lady from a conservative area in the backwoods of rural Nova Scotia.

What this is leading up to is that my mother-in-law sent me $30 for Christmas, yet again.  Imagine that!  She's still sending presents to her gay, ex-son-in-law!

Although I am absolutely broke, instead of using it to pay household bills, in a fit of wild extravagance, I ordered an Andrew Christian "grab bag" for $29.99 US.   It was advertised to contain three pair of premium AC undies and one random item:  either swim trunks, jewellry, a cap or a calendar.

I was so excited when the package came!  It far exceeded my expectations:  a pair of hot pink pouch-front briefs, a pouch-front jockstrap, a pair of modest but very high-quality swim shorts and the peek-a-boo ass, pouch-front undies pictured here.  I feel so hot wearing them!

Would you like to see pictures of me wearing the rest of the undies?  

On the hookup front, I have still not logged on to Grindr, Squirt, Scruff or pof.com to avoid having to say "no" to hot guys making offers for sex.  I am just two busy with the new school semester and too tired to hook up.

Part of my lack of interest in seeking hookups is also that it's been -35 C in recent weeks..... far too cold to go out!  All I want to do is cuddle in bed with my doggies after my work day is done.

Having said that, I received a text from the sweet Muslim engineering student, 25, and I couldn't say no to him.  It's been months since I heard from him and he was cuter than ever, cuddly as hell and absolutely insatiable. 

But I noticed a big change in Sweet Muslim Dude's love-making from our last encounter.

Last time, he was very aggressive, hot-to-trot and quick to finish.  Now, we had a more (shall I say), sophisticated and mature approach;  his passion was still there we were able to slow it down considerably;   slow, slow kisses, licking, sucking and quiet sensuality which went on for hours.  So hot!

But the most exciting development was that he moved out of his roommate's apartment and got a place of his own.  I'm fairly sure we'll be getting together more often than before.  :-)


  1. Isn't it amazing to find out who will support us.

  2. YES to more undies pix! c'mon, you KNOW you wanna show us! and those pix above are just what I needed to jumpstart my day! WOO HOO! SEXAY! :)

    1. Yes, you know me too well, anne marie! I'd post pics of myself on those sexy AC undies whether or not everyone asked me too or not!

  3. What a wonderful man you are! That bulge looks so delicious!! grrrrrr
    Of course we would love to see more of you in those undies.

  4. It was the same with me and my mother in law; two days before the divorce decree was to come down in court she called (having been strongly on my side all along) and asked me to call her immediately about the outcome. Well, the outcome was never in doubt but I did call and told her that I got everything -- house and contents, car and the most important of all, full legal custody of both my daughters. "That's what's so important!" she said. We remained in friendly contact for many years.

    1. Your MIL recognized a quality man when she saw one! It's interesting to find out how many the parallels there are between our lives. :-)

  5. Oh, and you bet I want to see those undies shots!

    1. I knew you would have wanted to see them. I didn't have to ask you, Will!

  6. Glad you had a nice encounter in your bed. Perfect you bought undies to show off your ass full of horse shoes since you mom in law still loves you. I am really happy for you! Hugs! Rick

  7. Your ex-mother-in-law is awesome! Lucky you!

    And the pics fill in soooooo much! HAHAHAHAHA

    I get you on the TOO TIRED! The boy will be here Thursday night, and we'll be in a motel Friday night. We'll be too tired to do anything but sleep, but any time is good time!

    Glad you did something fun with your Christmas present. I know about broke. Guess we're in the same boat. There will be 100 toys I want to buy this weekend, but thankfully, I have no cash to spend!

    Peace <3

  8. minnbulge@yahoo.comFebruary 5, 2015 at 9:06 AM

    Bulges are my favorite - and that bulge is H O T.

    Pls cum to minnesota...

  9. I love me some Andrew Christian... it's all I wear. I love the comfy pouches... comfy and sexy.

    BTW... lookin' good! ;-)

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