Monday, August 22, 2011

How Big is Too Big?

In the gay world (online, at least) it seems that everyone is obsessed with cock size .... the bigger the better.  I can't deny that a big cock looks beautiful in any situation, whether a pair of jeans, a jockstrap or just flopping out.

However, in my vast experience in giving guys blowjobs (twice!) both guys had larger-than-average cocks.  Stoner Dude in particular had a monster cock which I found very difficult to deal with.  Me being so inexperienced probably didn't help matters.

His cock had a really big girth so my mouth got tired pretty quickly, although I pushed ahead anyway... what a trooper!

It's length was another issue altogether; I wanted to deep throat him, but his cock jammed up against the back of my throat really tested my gag reflex. While I was sucking him off, I found it more comfortable to curve his cock around the side of my mouth and then to the back... hard to describe.

Although I was able to make him come quite easily, I kept wishing his cock was smaller.  It would be great to give a blowjob on a smaller-sized cock ... to have it all in your mouth at once I think would be really hot.

To open another can of worms, when it comes time to lose my bottom virginity with someone special, I think that smaller would definitely be better.

Any opinions out there?  When is a big cock just too big?


  1. How big is too big? When it's uncomfortable and painful. That's how.

  2. I agree... I think size is all in the eyes of the beholder... The big ones are fun to fondle and look at but to me, they are operationally cumbersome...

  3. anne marie in phillyAugust 22, 2011 at 6:31 AM

    I second RG and tom; I wonder how john holmes ever managed his "whopper".

    conversely, how small is too small? when you can't see it, or feel it, and it dies prematurely, that's TOO SMALL. ask me how I know this...

  4. @Anne Marie - you're not the only one who knows this. We should compare notes! LOL

  5. Thanks for commenting, everyone! Tom, what you said about big cocks is something I've long suspected, being "fun to look at .... but operationally cumbersome." Oh how analytical!... but an excellent observation!

  6. I am versatile leaning more towards power bottom and I much prefer a bigger cock, in fact the bigger the better. It takes a while but your body eventually relaxes and then its just fun for everyone.

  7. yes Virginia, it can be too big. Happily this depends on the beholder and the recipient.

  8. I like to suck a nice sized cock but 8-9 in length is long enough and about average thickness. I like you get tired sucking if it it too thick. I have sucked one guy with an average thickness but was a good niner with a bend and it went right down the throat nicely. So it is always a balance. I like to see a nice big one but may not get too close to it!

  9. My deep-throating skills have improved hugely in the 14 months since I write this post. I now can handle (I like to think) any sized cock and enjoy the ones which are longer than average....


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