Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sexy Asses

I'm bored with all the serious stuff I've been posting recently. I'm feeling great and quite optimistic after a visit with my doctor yesterday.   I was inspired by Dr. Spo's recent post with a picture of his callipygian assets.   Bring on the sexy asses!  Which are your favourites?
#1: Great Lakes Guy

#6: Great Lakes Guy


  1. This is great. We all need a little break from the seriousness once in a while. I vote for #2 & #8.

  2. I'll take #6. Please have him wrapped and delivered to my bedroom pronto.

  3. Mack: you seem to like 'em lean, young and smooth! Good for you!

    Cubby: I think sex with #6 would be rough and smelly. **Drool.** Cubby, I'm deeply wounded that you didn't figure out that one of the pics is me, taken a moment ago.

    SteveA: I agree with you. Those are very much my favourites too, especially #1.

  4. Numbers 1,4, 6, & 8 please. I feel greedy - in a good way. #4 is the best though - I'm assuming that's yours.

  5. anne marie in phillyJune 18, 2011 at 5:35 PM

    jesus mary and joseph, what a sight for sore eyes on a saturday night! menz tight pinchable asses!

    gimme nos. 2 and 8 please, wet, shaken not stirred.

    and are you pix #4 by some chance?

  6. I know that I have seen that #4 before.....NICE

  7. Mr. 7 will do nicely, thank you.

  8. #5 comes in first hands down, but #8 is second.

  9. #7. The picture can be taken two ways: 1) either something has happened or 2) something is about to happen. Either way, please charge my account and have him delivered FedEx overnight. Thanks. Love you - mean it. Let's do lunch.

  10. Thanks for commenting, everyone! It is most interesting to see everyone's different tastes in asses... and in men.

    To everyone who picked #4: thanks, but I don't completely believe you. I find it very hard to get a flattering pic of me using a self-timer camera with a conventional flash .... it's pretty lame.

    What I would really like is to have a photoshoot with a professional photographer using proper lighting, cameras, props, styling and settings. I'd prefer the photographer to be a really sexy gay guy who is experienced in photographing men. It's on my bucket list, but it would have to happen before I get too old and saggy.

    RG: Thanks! You like your men beefy, don't you? I agree, the jeans guy is super hot!!!... very little fat but muscular and really masculine. And yes, RG, should I ever visit Boston, seeing you would be #1 on my list... but you already knew that, I think.

  11. Whoa there, BB! You've got me all steamed up now! (Better take an extra tablet of my daily
    anti-high-B.P. medication.)

    Although I do appreciate a nice male bum must say I'm more a connoisseur of faces (preferably hirsuted) - and #6 has IT all in spades. There's just no competition. Out of those I can see, #1 comes a good second.

  12. Well, BB, you underestimate us. Some of us appreciate a real guy over the idealized, unattainable stuff we see all the time on the interwebz. Is interwebz a word? No matter. You still have my vote. Even though I know that, for me, you are among the unattainable... ;)

  13. #5 is my choice because of the pose -- I love to see a man stretched out in front of me in that pose, although less dressed!

  14. I take #1... er no, I take #2... mmm #3 is not bad at all... I'll go with #4... no WAIT #5... er... #6 *sigh*... WOW #7 WOW, he's all mine... Oh #8 *dooling*........ LOL!
    I second Raybeard in saying that for me a face is the key. It's all in the eyes! ;)
    Happy Father's Day BB.

  15. anne marie: I'm shocked at you choosing #2 and #8!! Are you turning into a cougar... Rawrr!!... For shame, abandoning us hairy, muscled, mature, "real" men for a bunch of slim, hairless boys. They probably don't even have pubic hair!

  16. DeepBlue: Thanks! My kids and I had a great Father's Day and a wonderful dinner! I'm the luckiest gay guy in the world.

    WCS: Thank you for your kind "real guy" comment! I'm actually happy with the way I look. Given my experience as a cancer survivor and this recent health problem, I am just happy to be alive and pain free. Who gives a f*ck what I look like?

  17. My mind keeps saying, "Tap! Tap! Tap!"

  18. being single, I'm going to be greedy and take em all; one for each day of the week...shit there's 8 of worries, a menage trois will have to do....thanks for sharing.


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